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Far and Wide’s Ropes courses are amongst some of the best ropes courses in the world - modelled on European standards you wont find anything like it in Africa.
Confidence Course (Blue Route and Black Route)


Our Confidence course has two different levels to it both with their different challenges. The Blue Route which is ideal for the whole family involves rope bridges, swings, ziplines, nets and a lot more fun little challenges. The Black route involves similar obstacles to the blue route except you are high up in our majestic Eucalyptus Grandis forest. Our confidence courses are an incredible challenge for the whole family.

Adults $40 Children U12 $40

High Ropes: Giant Swing


Our Giant Swing is the only one of its kind in Southern Africa. The incredible feeling of free falling for a few metres, followed by the rush of wind as you pendulum between two huge Eucalyptus Grandis trees high above our camp, is a feeling that will make anyone scream like a 5 year old.

Adults $20 Children U12 $20

Mutarazi Falls Skywalk


The soon to be Skywalk is something that we are extremely excited about and will be one of the highlights of the Eastern Highlands.

Adults $40 Children U12 $40

Mutarazi Falls Zipline


As with the Skywalk our Mutarazi falls Zipline will be amongst the highest and most incredible adventure activities in the world. We will release more details as soon as it is ready.

Adults $60 Children U12 $60



FAR and WIDE offers four white water rafting trips on the Pungwe River in the Honde Valley. Which is located in Zimbabwe’s Eastern Highlands.  Each trip is very different in character to the next but all are exceptional experiences.  They are all participatory in nature requiring guests to self paddle their raft down river under instruction from a professional river guide.   From a fun filled family day out to an adrenalin pumping non stop action decent and everything in between the Pungwe River has it all.
Bernie pioneered the Eastern Highlands rivers in the late 1980’s. He has been paddling these since and knows every turn, drop and rapid like the back of his hand. We love the fact that we have a different option for everyone so your whole family can come and experience what it is like to go White water rafting. Apart from the white water action clients also get to experience a unique view of the beautiful flare and fauna found along the banks of the Pungwe. We also run a variety of courses for those who would like to learn to kayak or raft guide.
Bernie’s Run


If it is an adrenalin rush that you are after then the section we call Bernie's Run provides the ultimate in challenging white water low volume rafting.   This run is suitable for over 16 year olds and participants need to have had some experience in rafting and or kayaking as it is an extreme section of River we paddle on.  There are seven grade five Rapids which are linked by long sections of ripple Rapids and a few calm pools.  It is really action all the way.

Adults $110 Children U12 n/a

Bridge2Bridge & Beyond


Bridge2bridge is our most popular grade 3 section. This is due to the whole family being able to experience the thrill of white water rafting. It really is an amazing little section of river that gives everyone no matter your experience of white water rafting a sense of what this amazing sport is like.

Adults $70 ($90) Children U12 $40 - Bow Bunny ($50)

Family Day


If you are looking for a nice relaxing day on the river then this is perfect for you and your family. This section takes a full day. You start just at the takeout of Bernies run and meander down grade 2 and 3 rapids through the beautiful Honde valley before stopping for lunch which is provided by us. After which  you take on the Bridge to bridge section.

Adults $75 Children U12 $45

Pungwe River: River Bugging


Our river bugging experience is another great and very unique activity. Each person gets a one man raft that he/she lies down in and floats down the upper section of the pungwe river. Very similar to tubing except you are in a real one man raft that makes the experience that much better.

Adults $50 Children U12 $40

Gairezi Kayaking Expeditions


For those of you who are more experienced paddlers we offer over night kayaking expeditions on the Pungwe and Gairezi rivers. The Gairezi has been likened to many rivers in California. With huge granite slides and waterfalls this is everything that a kayaker looks for.

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Some of the most incredible/ rare birds and orchids are found within a very close proximity to Far and Wide. Morgan and Wisdom are our incredibly knowledgable bird as well as flora and fauna guides. We organise day hikes  throughout the Honde Valley (Aberfoyle Lodge) and the Mutarazi falls and Nyanga national parks to find exactly what you are looking for. Send us a list of the birds or plant species that you are looking for and we will plan the trip to suit. For those of you who may not be that keen on finding certain birds or plants we also offer beautiful walks through our montane forests that will take your breath away. Have a look at the list of options below and let us know what you are after. We also offer custom hikes to suit as well as private birding safari's. For more info send us an email.
FAR and WIDE Birding Trails – 2hrs


 Adults $20 Children U12 $10
Mutarazi Forest and Falls  Adults $20 Children U12 $10
Raptor Rendezvous


 Adults $20 Children U12 $10
Half Day Birding  Adults $40 Children U12 $20
Full Day Birding


 Adults $60 Children U12 $30
Lodge Garden guided tour  Adults $5 Children U12 $3


If you have ever had the opportunity of taking part in an orienteering competition then you will know just how fun these can be. So why not get involved in taking on the rest of your family at a challenging orienteering course through the forests and Wild Nyanga mountains.
Family Course  Adults $20 Children U12 $10
Advanced Course  Adults $20 Children U12 $10


We love fly fishing!!!... but only for naturally occurring fish in our river systems. We are very against the stocking of Trout into our river systems (especially new untouched ecosystems) as these fish species are listed in the top 100 most invasive species in the world alongside Wattle, Water hyacinth and Lantana (just think how shocking that statistic is). If you are interested in fishing for beautiful naturally occuring fish such as Yellow fish or Tiger Fish with one of our guides then please get in touch. We strictly only offer catch and release as it is vital that we keep the stocks of these natural fish alive. Please respect our environment as we don't want to see these beautiful wild fish disappear.
Guided fly fishing full day  Adults $100 Children U12 $500
Guided fly fishing half day  Adults $60 Children U12 $25
Guided fly fishing - 2 hrs  Adults $20 Children U12 $10
Fly fishing permit per day (access to our waters)  Adults $20 Children U12 $10
Fishing Rod Hire  Adults $10 Children U12 $10
Lost Tackle  Adults $10 Children U12 $10


Our multi day wild trails are amongst some of the best in the world. A true adventure through the Eastern Highlands whether it is on foot or on a mountain bike. Each trail has the option of being fully backed up by Far and Wide with porters and even cooks. We have designed an incredible map of the region that you can download onto your smartphones as an app or just buy a traditional hard copy (Far and Wide Wild Nyanga Map). This map includes the Turaco Trail and mountain biking trail.


Turaco Trail multi day wilderness hike through Nyanga NP


Far and Wide has spent many years developing and building an incredible multi day hiking trail from Far and Wide to Aberfoyle Lodge. Since its opening in 2012 it has become one of Zimbabwe’s Iconic hiking trails and has been compared to some of the most well known trails in the world.

Get in touch or see Turaco Trail

Mountain biking muti day trail


As with the Turaco trail we have spent a lot of time creating an incredible multi day mountain biking trail that we also use for a one day event known as the Wild Ride. If you are not interested in the one day ride then we can do a fully supported multi day mountain biking expedition through the Nyanga and Mutarazi Falls National Parks on our trail. For more details or to book either of our trails get in touch with us. Adults $30 Children U12 $20 per day


Our accommodation options are all unique and truly incredible in every sense of the word. From the setting to the design there is an option for everyone. Get in touch with us or have a look at our booking form more details on this.


All Cottages


Adults $50 Children U12 $30 Minimum $120 per cottage
Aberfoyle Lodge

HDR Of Lodge

Email or see Aberfoyle Lodge
Mutarazi Falls Camping site


 Adults $10 Children U12 $5