10th December 2016

Zimbabwe’s most challenging ultra marathon

Will you take on the challenge?

Registration Form: SKY RUN 2016 

The Turaco Trail is Zimbabwe’s iconic hiking trail and awesome in every way.  The trail is open to self guided or guided groups year round but one day a year is set aside for a very special group of people... trail runners.

The SKY RUN is an incredible ultra marathon trail run that can be run in a relay by three runners, two runners or by a single contestant.

There are three different legs to the SKY RUN Ultra that begins at Far and Wide Zimbabwe (1843metres) and finishes at Aberfoyle Lodge (828metres). The total distance of the SKY RUN is 52,2kms. Stage 1 - 13.8kms; Stage 2 - 8.7kms and Stage 3 - 29.7kms.

There are emergency exit points along the trail and will be nutrition points at the end of each stage.

There are lots of natural water points which will be pointed out to all runners.

Accommodation and a buffet style meal are available at Far and Wide the night before the run; and at Aberfoyle at the end of the run.

We are very excited about the event and know that the challenge of this years event will bring lots of people from all over Southern Africa to take on the toughest race in Zimbabwe. The format is the same as last year - team relay or individual. There will not be a half marathon or a fun run this year as the focus is solely on the full marathon. If you feel as though you are not strong enough to complete the full trail then simply enter a 2 or 3 man relay team. There is also an option for you to just do the first 14 km stage and then get picked up by your seconder.

A few tips on training:

This is a run on a trail through the mountains and not on a road, which makes a huge difference not only to the actual run but also to how you train. Please take note that cardio training on the road is good to get the km’s in however you will need to find some good solid trails through any hills to do the majority of your training on. You need these off road trails to train your body for the ups and downs and uneven terrain of trail running.

Please take your training seriously as this is an extreme sport and a lack of training could mean that your safety is compromised.

For more info please download the detailed PDF info pack below.