BERNIEFar and Wide was started in 1991 in response to demand for a professionally run outdoor education centre in Zimbabwe.  From humble beginnings and many challenges Far and Wide is today a substantial outdoor education centre and runs outdoor based leadership, team, personal development and conservation programmes for discerning clients from private schools, companies and organisations as well as church groups, volunteers, families and individuals.  In addition all our activities and accommodation options are available to tourists visiting the Nyanga or Mutarazi Falls National Park.

Far and Wide is based in the beautiful wilderness areas of the Mutarazi Falls, Pungwe Falls and Nyanga National Parks.  Our camp consists of a set of three luxury lodges for corporate clients and tourists as well as a bush camp complete with outdoor showers, communal dining areas and wooden sleeping cabins. The bush camp has been carefully designed to take participants out of their familiar frames of reference but provide all the essential ingredients as far as safety is concerned.  In addition FAR and WIDE owns a camp site in the Mutarazi Falls National Park and two fishing lodges on the banks of the Pungwe River in the Nyanga National Park.  We are also able to offer Aberfoyle Lodge in the Honde Valley as a venue for our team and leadership training programmes.

Bernie and Julie Cragg are both university graduates with post graduate qualifications in education.  Bernie and Julie combine their love of teaching, adventure, outdoor life and filming to orchestrate each course at Far and Wide.  They have run hundreds of successful programmes over the years.  Bernie is internationally acclaimed as an expert in his chosen field and has attended the Junior Leadership University in Switzerland, Spain and Austria each year for the past ten years where, amongst other things, he lectures in team leadership, designs and oversees the adventurous training programme and films.  Bernie has recently been invited by the Young Presidents Organisation (YPO) to conduct leadership training programmes for YPO youth from around the world, in Africa.  In addition he is involved in filming wildlife programmes for Animal Planet and other television stations.