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Swarm of Bees


We would not still be here after 30 years if these two key pillars were not looked after

Our local community is everything to us. We try our best to support them and uplift them through education, employment, and projects designed to provide them with a self-sustaining income, through environmentally advantageous ideas. 
Tied into our love of the local community and arguably as equally important in this day and age, is our wilderness environment and the need to ensure that it is protected. 
We have always done everything that we can to protect it and will continue to do so. 


Yes, we have faced criticism in the past for stopping projects that would harm the environment, or would not benefit the local community but this is something that we will stand up for. We will continue to play our small part to ensure that generations to come get to experience the wilderness of Wild Nyanga. We will continue to educate our community to love and protect these natural wonders more than before no matter what criticism we recieve.

We don't do all of this to make ourselves look better or get more clients, We do this because it is vital. 
We live in an area that has given so much to us over the past 30 years so it is extremely important that we do the same. 

Beekeeper with Bees

Community Bee Project

Below Far and Wide on the border of Nyanga National Park is an area known as Buwu. This area will see our first bee keeping project take place. The idea is to have this project on the boundary of the Park. This will hopefully get the community to see this area as a protected area and therefore not want anyone to walk through it and into the Park especially for the purpose of poaching, be it for wildlife or wood.  We have a new technology to ensure that these hives are badger friendly, as well as very difficult to steal from. The honey produced from these hives will be harvested by the local community sustainably and then sold to the local market raising funds for the community. We will also embark on an education programme to help get the community to learn more about the importance of bees, insects, river ecology, wildlife and vegetation. 
The dream is to create this bee keeping project around the full 472km2 of Nyanga National Park. A big dream but as we have always said... Every dream begins to come true after you take that first step.


Pungwe Reforestation Project

The Pungwe River is a very special river to us and so many in the nearby communities. It runs from Mt Nyangani all the way through the National Park and into the Honde valley where it eventually exits Zimbabwe and heads towards Mozambique. 

Over the years agriculture has meant that more and more trees have been cut down right up to the banks of the river. Our second project involves reforesting this pristine river through the help and education of the local communities that live along it. 

We hope that in doing so the communities would benefit for years to come. These huge riverine trees are vital for our environment and indeed for helping the communities with agriculture in the long run.









If you are interested in getting involved in any of the above ways, or in any other way that you may think of, then please pop us an email on We would love to have you join us in making these dreams come true.

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