Corporate Team and Leadership Training Programmes... for professionals by professionals.

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Far and Wide Professional transforms groups and individuals into high performance teams and leaders and creates organisational change through customized programmes delivered in a wilderness setting at FAR and WIDE's wilderness camp in Nyanga in Zimbabwe's Eastern Highlands.

Leadership and teamwork are key ingredients in the recipe of success of any organisation. FAR and WIDE Pro customised programmes build leadership, team skills, effective communication and trust in order to improve team and leadership performance and emphasises individual transformation through challenge.  Far and Wide Professional curriculum integrates the best practices from top performing companies and corporate leaders.


Get your Team to the Top and stand on top of Zimbabwe with this fun filled, exciting challenge that sees teams set off along the Turaco Trail (Zimbabwe's most beautiful wilderness hiking trail) with a clear goal of getting to the top of Zimbabwe!  Can you do it?  Will you achieve your goal?  What challenges will you face along the way?  Who will need you help?  How will you cope?  How will this change me forever?

Venue:  FAR and WIDE Mutarazi Cottages or Aberfoyle Lodge

Big 5 Team Leadership Challenge

This incredible team leadership development programme sees professionally guided teams take on the challenge of tracking Africa's Big 5 on foot through the African bush. We offer a choice of several venues throughout southern Africa.

A series of carefully designed debrief sessions at night under African skies around a campfire leads participants to a greater awareness of key leadership and team concepts. We draw on the participants' experiences of tracking the Big 5 and make powerful metaphorical connections to life skills, leadership and teamwork.

Church Groups

We welcome youth groups from all church denominations and are able to work with youth leaders to provide affordable camp accommodation, meals and activities for your groups.

The benefits:

Far and Wide Pro programmes work to:
Improve organizational performance through building high performance teams and leadership development
Increase productivity
Facilitate strategic alignment
Inspire participants to achieve the seemingly impossible
Lead change and innovation
Improve internal communication skills
Increase self-confidence

We offer a choice of venues from luxury lodge type accommodation to rustic outdoor cabins to caves!

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