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Corporate Team/Leadership Training & Conferencing

For professionals by professionals 

Far and Wide for professionals seeks to transform groups and individuals into high-performance teams and leaders. We strive to be catalysts for positive organisational change through our customizable programmes.  

Leadership and teamwork are key ingredients in the recipe for the success of any organisation. Key focuses of our programmes include leadership, effective communication, building trust among teams and individual transformation.  Far and Wide Professional curriculum integrates the best practices from top-performing companies and corporate leaders.

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Corporate Team-Building
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Far and Wide offers a luxury conferencing facility in a peaceful environment so that you can get the important stuff done. Combined with our world-class team-building activities there is no better way to ensure that your strategy, session will be highly effective. 

We can tailor-make your strategy weekend and teambuilding experience to suit your company perfectly. 

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Get your Team to the Top on a journey of fun filled, exciting challenges. Set off along the Turaco Trail (Zimbabwe's most beautiful wilderness hiking trail) with a clear goal of getting to the top of Zimbabwe!  Can you do it?  Will you achieve your goal?  What challenges will you face along the way?  Who will need you help?  How will you cope?  How will this change me forever?

Top Teams
Big 5 Team Leadership

Take on the challenge of tracking Africa's Big 5 on foot through the African bush. We offer a choice of several venues throughout southern Africa.

Enjoy a series of carefully designed debrief sessions under the African skies. Participants will gain a greater awareness of key leadership and team concepts. We will draw on each of the participants' experiences in tracking the Big 5 and emphasise the powerful metaphorical connections in leadership and teamwork.

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Full day Team-Build

Our full day team-build starts at 8:00 at Far and Wide. We start with teamwork through team play. These consist of our in-house developed team building games developed over the last 30 years. The team then has a tea followed by the Giant Swing and Pamper pole. After a delicious lunch the team goes for a guided walk to the SkyWalk and SkyLine where they conquer their fears and breakthrough mental limitations. After these exhilarating activities, the team will debrief on their shared experiences.

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