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  • Can anyone stay at FAR and WIDE, like families?"
    Yes, Our accomodation is open to anyone. We pride oursleves on being able to offer something for any budget. Get in touch or see our accommodation options for info.
  • Why did you call it FAR and WIDE?
    The phrase "far and wide" is suggestive of a journey. We are set apart in a wilderness area far and wide from "civilisation" and we venture far and wide across Zimbabwe's rivers and forests, mountains and valleys but as much as our courses are a physical journey they are also an inner one and our programmes seek to further participant's development as people, leaders, members of a team and widen their horizons. "Far and wide" seemed to capture all this. FAR and WIDE is defined by three things: Safety, Quality and Innovation. Our mission statement? "To serve God by providing participants attending our outdoor education programmes with an adventure experience that asks them to push back the boundaries of their pre-conceived ideas about who they are and what they are capable of in an attempt to teach them that they are more capable than they would have themselves think and to transfer this learning to their lives so that they are more confident, better leaders, and more able to work in a team environment."
  • How do we get there?
    From Harare travel towards Rusape. In Rusape take the Nyanga/Juliasdale turn off and travel towards Juliasdale. Just before you get in to Juliasdale (about 1km before the village) take the Mutare Road to your right and travel for about 24km until you reach the Honde Valley Road. Turn left here and travel for about 1.7km until you reach the Pungwe Scenic Road... a dirt road on your left. Turn left and carry on along the dirt road through Chingamwe forest estate for about 15km until you get to the Mutarazi Falls Road. Turn right. Far and Wide is 4.5km along the Mutarazi Falls Road on your left. If coming from the Mutare side then take the Honde Valley Road turn off. Travel for about 1.7km until you see the large dirt road to your left. Th there is a FAR and WIDE 19km sign here. This is the Pungwe Scenic Road. Turn left here and travel for 15km until you get to the Mutarazi Falls Road. Another FAR and WIDE sign. Turn right and FAR and WIDE is 4.5km on your left.
  • Where are you located?
    In Nyanga in Zimbabwe's Eastern Highlands. Specifically bordering the Mutarazi Falls National Park. There is nowhere on earth like it. We are located in the middle of a large wilderness area close to three major tourist attractions: the Pungwe View and River, the Honde View and the Mutarazi Falls. The views are awe-inspiring and awe and inspiration is what we are all about.
  • Is it safe?
    Yes, very. Safety, quality and innovation define FAR and WIDE Zimbabwe's programmes. Participants are given a comprehensive safety briefing before the start of each course and before each activity. The safety equipment we use is the best available and a substantial part of our budget is spent on equipment which we source from the best suppliers all over the world. In addition each course is overseen by Bernie Cragg who is the country's leading expert in outdoor education. Bernie has, for the last twelve years, designed and overseen the outdoor activity programme at the Junior Leadership University in Switzerland in addition to conducting hundreds of successful FAR and WIDE programmes over twenty years of full time employment in outdoor education.
  • What's the weather like?
    The weather at FAR and WIDE is one of the most fantastic things about our programmes. Participants are often enchanted by the mists that role in over the montane forests from the Honde Valley only to be replaced by a blazing sun a few minutes later and one of my best activities is to sit on the escarpment looking far out across the Mozambican plains watching huge cumulonimbus clouds develop and build into ferocious storms that flash lightning every few seconds for hours on end lighting up the sky in a spectacular display of nature's awesome power. FAR and WIDE is the real thing, we are not a holiday camp or a convenience camp close to Harare. What we offer is a wilderness experience that is qualitatively and quantitatively set apart. Yes it rains here, a lot, and yes the weather is a factor but we consider it to be part of the real and uncompromising challenges we set participants. It is the wilderness and that is what makes it so special, it has to be different, it has to take people out of their familiar frames of reference in order to be effective. The Norwegians have a saying: "There is no such thing as bad weather only bad clothing" and another: "The great thing about the weather is that it doesn't care what you think about it, it is just itself" PLEASE do not be put off by the weather, it is very special and unique aspect of our programmes!
  • Why should I choose a Far and Wide course for my children/colleagues?
    FAR and WIDE offers Zimbabwe's most professional outdoor based team, leadership and personal development programmes. Over 10 000 children and 2000 adults cannot be wrong! ?We have conducted over 600 programmes including running courses all over the world, are a highly rated resource for the Young Presidents' Organisation/World Presidents' Organisation (YPO/WPO) and are totally dedicated to what we do. In addition we offer the widest range of expertly conducted activities in the region from wild water tubing on the Pungwe River to three ropes courses, orienteering using professionally drawn maps and wonderful accommodation options all set beautifully in some of the most stunning wilderness areas left on the planet. We take great pride in supplying clients with the best equipment available on the market from harnesses and helmets to rucsacs and tents. Safety, Quality, Innovation are the three thing that define FAR and WIDE and set it apart. FAR and WIDE employs two full time internationally qualified teachers, both with post graduate qualifications in educational psychology. In addition our instructors are all carefully selected and trained. All hold MARS first aid qualifications. We realise that children look forward to our camps for years in advance. We are fully committed to fulfilling the highest expectations. We also realise how precious time is to executives. Our corporate progammes are carefully designed to achieve desired results using short intensive programmes. Quite simply there is no other "camps", team development/building or outdoor based leadership training organisation in Zimbabwe that compares with what we have to offer. So in answer to the question "Why FAR and WIDE"... It depends if you want the best for your children/company or not.
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