JUNIOR-insideABC Conservation Course (Grade 4/5)

Venue Aberfoyle Lodge, Honde Valley Zimbabwe

Duration Four nights Monday to Friday

Programme overview This exciting journey into the world of nature provides participants with a once in a lifetime experience.  The setting for the course is Aberfoyle Lodge with its, immaculately nurtured tea fields, wild rivers and waterfalls and wondrous riparian forests filled with birds and bees, butterflies and trees.  Participants will visit mini hydroelectricity plants and tea factories and learn how tea is made by following the process from harvesting tea in the field to how to make the perfect cup, as well as learn about soil, plants, frogs, birds and bees.

Venturer (Grade 6/7)

Venue Far and Wide, Mutarazi Falls National Park, Zimbabwe

Duration Five nights Sunday to Friday

Programme overview  This dynamic fun filled programme is designed to tap into the enthusiasm of our younger clients whilst instilling in them a love of healthy outdoor pursuits, nature and other people. It is very much a growth experience and ideally suited to teaching team and leadership skills. Participants undertake adventurous training activities such as river bugging, ropes courses, giant swing, orienteering, team and leadership games, and overnight wilderness hiking expeditions as wells visits to Africa’s second highest waterfall, the Mutarazi Falls, Pungwe View and Honde View.

Venturer Leadership (Prefect Teams)

Venue Far and Wide or Aberfoyle Lodge

Duration Five nights

Program Overview As a follow on to the Venturer course this leadership training programme is designed to teach young leaders effective leadership skills through several imaginative and challenging adventure activities.  This programme can be run from our Aberfoyle Lodge in the Honde Valley... a different venue.

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