learn2-insideEver wanted to learn a new sport or just get involved in a new hobby?  Far and Wide offers courses from 1 day to a week long for a wide variety of outdoor activities. Our very experienced as well as UK qualified instructors will cater for all levels of ability from beginners to advanced. Email us for more info on prices and when we can run these course.

Learn2Kayak - This exciting sport has been around for decades and has developed incredibly over the last few years. Depending on the paddlers level of paddling our courses may include learning about the self and group safety aspects to White Water Kayaking; the various strokes needed to be a competent paddler; how to roll; improving your strokes and roll, confidence on flowing water from mild to wild, leading a group down a river and finally coaching other paddlers. There are various stages to kayaking, each with its own qualification (based on UK qualifications). Once the paddler has reached one level they will be able to move on to the next - the reason for this is to never take a paddler out on the water that is beyond their capability.  Kayaks are not easy to get a hold of in Southern Africa, however, we have the sole dealership for Dagger kayaks which are some of the best kayaks in the world. You can either hire or buy a kayak from us for our courses.

Learn2RaftGuide - FAR and Wide offers amazing white water rafting on the Pungwe river. If you are interested in this sport we offer a weeks long training course and qualifications that will set you up to be a raft guide. Much like the White water kayaking course it includes a White water safety section as well as the actual guiding a raft part.

Learn2Navig8 - Navigating in the mountains is not an easy task especially when the weather is not on your side. So if you are a keen hiker or mountaineer then this is the course for you. We teach you in depth map reading and navigating techniques for getting yourselves or a group around the mountains not only in Zimbabwe but anywhere you may be going hiking.

Mountain Leader - linked to our Learn2Navig8 course is our mountain leader course (again based on UK standards). This is a two part course. One week of training in the following: micro and macro navigation; mountain safety and first aid; rope work in the mountains and an expedition. Once you have completed the training you go away and consolidate your training. Once you feel that you are ready you will come back for a 4 day assessment. Passing this you walk away with a mountain leader qualification.

Learn2Canyon - Another incredible sport that involves abseiling down waterfalls floating down rapids and cliff jumping. We teach you the rope work as well as the safety and first aid skills needed to make this one amazing adventure.

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