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Looking for Outdoor Gear?

We are the Southern African Agents for a variety of outdoor equipment and products. If you are looking for any of the following then email us on and we will send you our latest catalog. We use all of these companies for our gear and we can certainly vouch for how incredible they all are.


Wood Fired Hot Tubs.

Taking romantic to a whole new level.

SkyDeck Hot Tub.jpg
Dagger Kayaks

Dagger Kayaks. One of the most highly rated white water kayak manufacturers in the world.

Petzl Equipment

Petzl Equipment are well known for being one of the best climbing gear producers in the world.

MSR Tents

MSR create some incredible lightweight outdoor tents and equipment designed to ensure your safety in the mountains


Trangia Mountain stoves are lightweight, high quality and extremely versatile. Perfect for any mountain expedition.

Palm Equipment

Palm Equipment are one of the top white water safety equipment manufacturers in the world.

Headrush Technology

Manufacturers of the best auto-belay and zip-stop braking systems in the world. Our SkyLine uses these systems. 

headrush tech.jpg
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