Rates 2019

VAT and Tourism Levy Included; Entry into National Park Not Included. Prices are stated in US$, RTGS$ payments available at rate of the day.

Weekend and Public Holiday Rates:

Friday to Sunday including all Public Holidays.

  • SkyWalk $50 (children under 12: $25)
  • SkyLine $70 (children under 12 $35)
  • Combination $100 (Children combination $55)
Group Prices:
For groups of 10 people or more we are offering a weekend special and Public Holiday Special. NB: A list of names will need to be be emailed to at least a day before you arrive for the activity in order to benefit from this group special. If a list is not emailed then we sadly cannot offer this discount at the reception as this gives a chance for groups to form on site which we will not allow. Please help us by understanding why we don’t allow this special unless a list is emailed to us.
  • SkyWalk $40 (children under 12 $20)
  • SkyLine $60 (children under 12 $30)
  • Combo $90 (children under 12 $45)

Government Schools of the Honde Valley and Nyanga regions:

We are excited to announce that you can apply to bring a class of 30 students or less to do the SkyWalk for free. NB: You must write a letter to with the numbers of students, their names, your school name, your schools location and the date that you would like to do the SkyWalk. We will choose 1 school every month to do this incredible activity for free.

NB: Please note that these specials have been designed to give more people the opportunity to do these activities. Please do not take advantage of these specials and understand that we have created them to help you. Should there be any issues as a result from any member of the public then we will discontinue our specials. Please do not ruin this incredible experience for everyone else.

We also note with concern a large amount of litter being disposed of out of car windows. This is unacceptable and those found to be doing this will be handed over to the relevant authorities. It is up to us to keep our country clean and protect our environment. Please take all of your litter out of the Park and Nyanga area with you and dispose of it correctly.

Note* Weather dependent, may be cancelled for adverse weather conditions at short notice. In the event we must cancel a booking, pre-booked individuals will get a full refund.

Opening times 9am – 4pm
Bookings for fewer than 10 people not required


Large groups and special requests must be pre booked.

Limits on SkyLine

20 - 120 Kg (no age limit)

Groups and enquires



  • Warm jersey
  • Closed walking shoes
  • Hat
  • Sunscreen
  • Tight fitting comfortable sports wear
  • Hair must be tied.


The SkyLine is the most beautiful zip line in the world. Depending on the day and weather you may find yourself flying through clouds or crystal clear skies over the 2nd highest waterfall in Africa. At an estimated height of 500m and flying for 400m at 50-70km/h it is both uplifting and exhilarating. With a minimalistic and eco-friendly design, we hope the sensation allows you to connect to the natural world, waterfall and sky around you as the wind blows through your hair and the adrenaline pumps through your veins. Activity takes roughly 15 minutes.


  • Weight limit; minimum 20kg maximum 120kg (weather permitting).
  • All guests to stay in the designated areas.
  • Do not damage any flora.
  • Only two persons on take-off platform at any one time.
  • No jumping, running, launching or any extreme movement when taking off.
  • No loose clothing or unsecured items.
  • Hair to be tied up.
  • No extended selfie sticks.
  • Keep hands clear of trolley and cable at all times
  • Use of this activity is at your own risk

Any person/s failing to follow the rules of the Sky Line shall be immediately expelled from the activity with no refund.


The SkyWalk is truly unique, a first for Zimbabwe and the world. The 2 suspension bridges are designed to look like vines above the falls allowing for the first time a full panoramic view of the Mutarazi Falls and its surroundings. The SkyWalk consists of two bridges – the one 30m that take you over the lip of the Falls and the other 90m that is above the entire Falls. If you ever dreamed of walking in midair then this is for you. Activity takes roughly 10 minutes.


  • Maximum of five people on the SkyWalk at any one time.
  • No running, swaying, jumping, rocking, backward walking, shaking or movements that will damage the SkyWalk or affect other guests.
  • Stay in the designated areas.
  • Do not damage any flora.
  • No loose clothing or unsecured items.
  • Stay attached to the safety cable at all times whilst on the SkyWalk.
  • Use of this activity is at your own risk.

Any person/s failing to follow the rules of the SkyWalk shall be immediately expelled from the activity with no refund.

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